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Corinne Gibbons 'LIVE' at GV VivoCity

For the first time ever, Singapore’s leading cinema chain Golden Village, will be hosting a “Live” performance, featuring professional Australian pop jazz and fusion artiste Corinne Gibbons. The singer-songwriter, who has three albums to her name, will be giving a performance in front of a live audience on the 15th of September at GV VivoCity.

The 75-minute performance at GV VivoCity will mark the unprecedented move to transform one of GV’s cinema halls into a “Live” performance venue. This takes GV’s offering of entertainment experiences up one notch, with the cinema chain now paving the way for musical entertainment for its movie-patrons.

The 'Live' performance will feature Corinne singing tracks from her "MELT" album, and showcasing stunning natural environmental footages accompanying each track, bringing together a perfect blend of music and visuals.

The natural history footage encompasses scenes from Antarctica, Chile and Norway amongst others and comes courtesy of Lindblad expeditions and National Geographic. It compliments Corinne's lyrics and tone and takes the audience on a magical tour with the seamless fusion of multi-cultural portraits, exotic animals and the dramatic landscapes of ice, desert and metropolis. The video clips were directed and edited by Australian film-maker, Toni Houston who has been friends with Corinne for over 20 years.

Legendary guitar maker Gibson Guitar will also be offering Corinne a Gibson Hummingbird acoustic guitar which she will be using for her performance. A true legend of acoustic instruments, the Gibson Hummingbird was first introduced in 1960 as Gibson's earliest square-shoulder dreadnought. Today's Gibson Hummingbird is made to the specifications of the first model produced in 1960, and still stands as one of the finest and beautiful acoustic guitars in the world.

Born and raised in Bega valley in New South Wales, Corinne moved to Singapore three years ago and has since called the city "home". Her latest album "MELT", as her fans would know, tells of the unique and intimate journey into Corinne's world. The album shares the story of the experiences she has faced in life, her well-travelled journeys around the globe and the insights gained from her life in Singapore. Her last album, "DUSK" was released in 2002 and before that, "SUNDAY AFTERNOON" was launched in 2001, both in Australia.

Corinne was also invited to perform at the 2009 Summer Solstice Festival at Stonehenge where she won two awards. The first was a prestigious music award along with another high-honor Holy Grail award for her contribution to the planet.

Date: Tuesday, 15 September
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: GV VivoCity
Ticket Price: $35

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